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Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Daycare Staff

Welcome to our daycare, where we take pride in providing a nurturing and enriching environment for your little ones. Our team of teachers is the heart and soul of our center, bringing a wealth of experience, dedication, and passion to their roles. Each teacher is carefully selected for their warm and compassionate nature, ensuring that your child feels safe and loved while away from home.

Our Leadership

Meet Our Office Staff

Mrs. Jennifer
Mrs. Jennifer Director
Ms. Tracie
Ms. Tracie Assistant/Curriculum Director

Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Gina
Ms. Gina Lead Teacher Ladybugs
Ms. Camilla
Ms. Camilla Assistant Teacher Ladybugs
Ms. Adri
Ms. Adri Assistant Teacher Ladybugs
Ms. Becky
Ms. Becky Lead Teacher Butterflies
Ms. Alexis
Ms. Alexis Assistant Teacher Butterflies
Ms. Chardonnay
Ms. Chardonnay Assistant Teacher Butterflies
Ms. Taylor
Ms. Taylor Lead Teacher Busy Bees
Ms. Kirstyn
Ms. Kirstyn Assistant Teacher Busy Bees
Ms. Lani
Ms. Lani Lead Teacher Dragonflies
Ms. Hanna
Ms. Hanna Assistant Teacher Dragonflies
Ms. Yolanda
Ms. Yolanda Lead Teacher Kinder Prep
Mr. Collin
Mr. Collin Assistant Teacher Kinder Prep
Mr. Scott
Mr. Scott Schooler Teacher
Ms. Emma
Ms. Emma Schooler Teacher
Ms. Bianca
Ms. Bianca Schooler Teacher

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